Should you go for long-term SEO maintenance or one-time SEO services?

Evelin Schnöll

By Evelin Schnöll

August 26, 2020

Monthly SEO services.

Why do you need to take care of your SEO on a regular basis?

What can you do just once to improve your ranking?

Although many SEO services can be applied to your website as a one-time service, every SEO specialist knows how much work goes into regular SEO maintenance each month.

When you take care of your SEO one time only, you will rank higher one time only. In case you get lucky. Because organic SEO only makes you rank higher when you keep your site up to date regularly. 

Basically, what you reap is what you sow.

Here at BluCloud, we value long-term results and therefore recommend to consider us as your long-term SEO partner. Thus we suggest you to go for the monthly SEO services. Without a doubt, this is the only way we can assure you that:

the money you invest in SEO maintenance is worth it;

the work we will put into your website will bring you good results in the long term.

SEO Maintenance.

Our fully integrated monthly SEO Services are an ongoing investment for constant visibility and growth. This is why we will not promise you an instant-incredible-amazing-growth-that-no-one-has-ever-seen-before by offering a one-time service that is actually meant to be a regular support system. 

Even though a one-time service could help to boost your rankings in organic search results big time, you would still have to refresh it every now and then. Consequently, when it comes to the Return of Investment (ROI) (is it worth it to invest in SEO or not?), regular SEO maintenance is proven to have better results. Your personal monthly SEO Maintenance Offer will depend on the current SEO situation of your website.

SEO Check.

First and foremost, before we can start optimizing your website, we need to check out where your website stands now. To demonstrate this, we’ve got you a few good points of consideration from Savvy Revenue:

  • The less established your brand is, the more you need to spend on SEO (so that people actually start stumbling upon your website, and knowing that you exist).
  • The less organic search traffic you get, the more you need to spend on SEO. (It doesn’t matter if your PPC campaigns help you achieve 4 or 5 digit sales figures daily – you need organic search traffic to sustain your overall marketing strategy!)
  • And last but not least, the further you are from being on the first page of Google for your targeted keywords, the more you need to spend on SEO. (This one’s pretty self-explanatory).


List of On-Page SEO Services:

Google Meta Tags Optimization

Make sure your Snippets (Title & Description) are optimized and the way they look on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) makes the searchers want to know more and visit your website. 

URL Optimization

Target the countries and languages to make the right audience find you at the right spot on the Globe.

SEO Texts (Headings & layout structures)

Don’t just optimize the keywords, but also the whole structure of the written content on your website.

Image Optimization

Believe it or not, Google’s algorithm gets what’s on the images. So it’s not just important to name the files, titles and descriptions of the images right, but also make sure that the names have something to do with the visual content. The loading of the images plays a big role in the performance of your website, so find the best file sizes to ensure the best quality and fast loading.

Mobile Friendliness

According to official Google statements, more than 50 percent of search queries globally now come from mobile devices. That is why you want your website to look good on mobile devices too. 

SEO Content Creation & Optimization

Create high quality written and visual content and optimize it to engage your audience and generate leads.

CTA & Conversion Optimization

Create clear CTAs (Call To Actions) and lead your visitors through your site in a way that convinces them to take the actions.

UX/UI Design

Design your website in a way that is simple, appealing and easy to use and navigate to ensure great User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI).

Page Speed Optimization

How long your pages load is a great deal when it comes to a high performance website. All your content should be technically well organized in order to make an impact on the fast speed performance and UX/UI on your website.

Internal Linking

Internal links should not only be there on your site for a better SEO, but also be well structured and logical enough for the Google algorithm to understand them.


The more relevant content you can generate for your website, the higher Google will value it. Why? Because relevant content is engaging visitors to stay at your website and the more people stay there, the better it looks for Google.

List of Off-Page SEO Services:

SEO Backlinks

Networking (finding relevant websites that would direct visitors from their site to yours) & On Page Infographics that are appealing to others to share these on their websites.

Social Media

Keeping your Social Media Channels organised and active is a great way of generating traffic to your website and building brand awareness.

Content Marketing

Use various online marketing tools and campaigns to give a kick to your organic SEO.

Influencer outreach

One of the newest online marketing strategies. Influencers with a high number of followers on social media platforms are a trustworthy source for customers to get information about new products to buy.

SEO agencies vs Full-service digital agencies

When it comes to SEO we always recommend working with a full-service SEO agency or even a full-service digital agency like BluCloud that can not only keep your house clean, but will also be able to repair any technical issue or build new rooms on the go. 

It’s like having an SEO specialist and a webmaster working together in harmony, haha! Dream come true!

That ensures you that no small obstacle on the way will affect your business in the long term. And honestly, there’s nothing better than having an SEO expert on board with an overview and the understanding of the whole wide content. 

Get the best people, keep them and make your business a success!


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